WIS - Wedgwood International Seminar

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Home Wedgwood 250 The Wedgwood Museum - Barlaston, England
The Wedgwood Museum is an ongoing celebration of the life and works of Josiah Wedgwood. Since its opening in the fall of 2009, the museum has created a new excitement in the art of Wedgwood and collecting by enthusiasts from all over the world. The Museum staff have participated in several educational and fun activities through various venues to spread the word and encouragement of new and old collectors alike. The Museum offers tours of the galleries, workshops, and special events. On june 18, 2009 The Museum had a special performance of "Better Than A Dog" which examined the relationship of Charles and Emma Darwin by Andrew Bannerman. Additionally, In June, 2009, The Wedgwood Museum won the £100,000 Arts Fund Prize, the UK's largest single arts prize. The Arts Fund Prize honors the most imaginative and original museum or gallery of the year and is a huge accolade for the museum. The annual gathering of The
Wedgwood International Seminar held its seminar in june, 2009 at the New Museum, and was a huge success.